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Pretty Paper Envelopes



I don’t know what it is about making envelopes, but I’ll find any excuse to get the paper, scissors and glue out to create them.  However, this time I thought I’d make them using a different method……by sewing machine!!

I have an old book that I’ll be using as a journal later so I removed the pages from it.  As you can imagine, this  left me with a big bundle of paper!   Of course, these just cried out ENVELOPES to me!!!

They are really easy to make and can be whipped up (or in this case, sewn up!) in a jiffy.

 Here’s how I went about making mine 🙂

Step 1

Get yourself an old book (charity shops are a great place to find them cheaply, mine was only £0.50!!) and carefully remove the pages.   Trim up and neaten the edges.  I trimmed mine to approx 5″ x 9″


Step 2

Next, fold the bottom of the page upwards stopping at approx 1.5″ from the top.  Crease along the bottom.


Step 3

Turn your envelope over so that the FRONT  (the side that doesn’t show the folded part) is facing upwards.  At approx 1.5″ from the top right hand side, start sewing,  back stitching slightly to secure the first few stitches.  Continue sewing all the way around and stop 1.5″ from the top p.  Back stitch again.


That’s you!! You’ve made your very own paper envelope 🙂



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please do feel free to share it with others 🙂

Until next time,

Fiona x

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