Words of Wisdom (?)

Be your own kind of successful 😍


It has been such a long time since I last posted on my blog.  All thoughts and promises of a regular post went flying out the window due to various reasons over the past year or so. However, I’m here now and ready to try again! 🤣

Before bringing you new tutorials, I thought I’d kick things off with sharing what I’ve learned over the years selling crafts online.

Stick to what you love doing.

I have tried many MANY different crafts before I finally settled into where I am now – sewing paper & fabric and generally creating bits and bobs for scrapbook, journal and craft lovers.   Find what really makes you happy, if you love what you do, it shines through your work!

Sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

About a year ago I made a lot of changes to my online business.  I dropped all items that were selling for less than £6.00 from shop and immediately felt better!  I was putting the same effort into packaging an order for £1.60 as I was for one of £50.  It made sense to stop absorbing my time with all of the small orders to free myself up to work on other items that I had never seemed to get around to.

Listing 100’s of items doesn’t necessarily mean 100’s of sales.

I used to think stuffing my shop full of around 150 items would equate to more sales, but that wasn’t the case for me.  I reduced this number greatly when sorting out the wheat from the chaff and now stick to around between 60 to 80 items at any time as this is a manageable number for me.

Don’t be scared to hike up your prices.

I was really nervous about doing this last year but realised I should have done it sooner!!  Repeat customers who love your stuff WILL come back and those who don’t, well, pftt!!

Add a personal touch.

Isn’t it nice when you receive a parcel and you find that the seller has taken the time to wrap it beautifully and add a handwritten note?  Make the effort to include a personal touch, it’s always appreciated and makes a repeat sale more likely.

Stick to one or two social media platforms.

I used to try and post on ALL of the social media sites because that’s what the ‘experts’ told me to do.  This was exhausting and so time consuming so I threw that advice out and I now only use Instagram and post on Pinterest sporadically. Save yourself stress and time by downsizing to no more than 2 of your favourite platforms.

I said goodbye to the ‘experts’.

I’ve learned I’m the best judge on how to plan my day/week AND still feel like I’ve achieved a lot even when I’ve not got through all of my to do list.  😁

After signing up to numerous experts ‘limited time offer get your space quick’ tutorials and downloading a forest’s worth of booklets that would guarantee me 1000’s of sales, I finally found sense and said goodbye to all of that.  Find what works best for you and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t mange to tick off everything on your list, there is always tomorrow….or the next day….or the day after that! 🤣🤣

Success is what you want it to be.

I made a conscious effort to stop comparing myself to other sellers and concentrate on what I was doing rather than what they were doing.  Success to me is when I receive a customer message or great review telling how much they love my work 😍  And I know I must be doing a good job when a customer comes back for more!

I hope you can use some of the above to help you on your way to being your own kind of successful!  Be confident and have faith in what you do 😍

Fiona 🙂

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