Book Record Keeping, Just For Fun

Book Record Keeping

About 11 years ago I decided to keep track of everything I was reading.  I was finding I would start a book and after a chapter or two soon realise it was all very familiar!! 😳 This led me to keep a notebook of all the authors and titles for easy reference but, as I didn’t record the names alphabetically, the time has come to rethink this method! 🤣  And so, the idea for this project was born out of necessity and over the past few months I’ve been collecting bits and bobs to get me started.

The Box

1It was important to me that I could see (and admire 😉) the contents so I’m using a clear index box.  This one holds cards that are 6 x 4 inches.  I have a mix of index cards – vintage (Concord) and new buff and yellow sets. I’m waiting on pink, green and blue sets to arrive as I want to create an ‘anything goes’ feel about it.  The more mixed and mashed up the better!  I’m still mulling over whether I’ll add a bit of trim around the top of the box, we’ll see as I go along if that feels right…..or not!

The Record Cards

4I’m using a lovely mix of record cards, vintage recipe cards, journal cards, library cards….everything and anything that takes my fancy really.  The plan is I’ll embellish some of these and leave others (like the recipe cards) as they are.  For the embellishments I’ll be a using a mix of my own handmade ones and some that I’ve purchased elsewhere (I’ll list the suppliers at the bottom of the post).

A and B


Two down and many more to go!! (but not all today, this is a long haul project 😬)

Card A took much longer than planned.  I embellished it with only the doily, vintage papers and one of my butterfly ‘paper dots’……and then remembered I had a vintage ABC book that I could use for each letter! 🤦‍♀️ After much gnashing of teeth and a rather long time trying to figure out the best way to add my new papery bits, I finally settled on what you see.  I’ve used a vintage button card and layered it with the vintage ‘A’ piece from the book and added a few more die cuts.  Considering it was a late addition, I think it’s worked out not too badly! 😁

Card B was much quicker (knowing I was using the ABC pieces helped 😂).  I found a paper circle (the blue bit) I’d die cut from a florists ledger years ago so thought it was perfect to add for ‘B is for bunch’.  The little silver tag with the pink fabric rose, I think completes my card beautifully.  I had thought on removing or shortening the pink thread but instead attached it by punching a small hole and tying it on.  I just needed to be able to see that gorgeous pink against the vintage French paper!!

Next time I’ll share how I plan on decorating the author cards and hopefully have C & D completed too!



Clear index card box from Ryman

Vintage recipe cards, small tab index cards, guest checks and silver tags from Scrap Love Bindery

Vintage postcard from Kay’s Vintage Emporium

Vintage Concord and other index cards from Ebay

Fabric and paper scraps, paper die cuts, and any other embellishments were from my own stash.






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