Paper Scrap Inspiration (8/9/2020)

Do you find it hard to part with teeny tiny scraps of paper?  If so, then this post will hopefully give you a few ideas on how to use them up and make a small dent in that scrap pile you have!


Supplies needed:

You will need:

Paper scraps of all kinds (I have vintage wallpaper scraps here as well as vintage book pieces), trim, buttons and anything else you might want to add – I had a bunch of printed words going spare to use too.  Needle and thread (if using buttons), sewing machine and glue if you don’t sew.


Tags, index cards, blank cards etc


Scrappy Tags

gI started with making cute colourful tags.  These are super easy to make with or without a sewing machine.  I didn’t worry about finding pieces that fit the tags exactly as I’d cut any extra off later. (and it makes for easier sewing/gluing!!).  Arrange your scraps however you want by overlaying them slightly – make them squinty or straight……anything goes!  Once you’ve attached your papers, turn the tag over and simply trim away the excess but DON’T throw away these small pieces as we can use them too 🙂

Another easy way to embellish tags is to sew (or glue) strips along the top of the tag.  This is a lovely way to layer various textures too 🙂


Journal Cards


Using the small off cuts from the tags, I decided to embellish some journal index cards.  I didn’t want the scraps to be perfectly straight or co ordinate too much as I love the ‘artsy’ shabby look.  The red thread gives everything a pop of colour but again, use whatever you have and gluing the pieces works well too :).   These will also look great if you do decide to co ordinate your colours.

Index Cards

For these cute pastel index cards I’ve used some bigger scrap pieces and have used red thread again to sew everything into place. i



I think these have got to be my favourite thing to make with scraps, I just LOVE how they look!

I personally don’t like too many layers when making these as I think it can look too fussy so I tend to work with either 3 or 5 elements for most embellishments.  For these, I used 5.   You do whatever suits you best 🙂

Start with a bigger piece for the bottom layer and simply add a mish mash of other ‘bits’.   I didn’t have to cut anything too much other than a slight trim if the scrap was too long etc.  Some have been machine sewn and others have hand sewn buttons. p3

For the next batch I used the printed words I had going spare.  Aren’t they cute??  As with everything in this post, they can be easily adapted to suit any occasion such as Christmas, birthday’s etc.


I hope you have enjoyed my little offering of inspiration and have given you a few ideas at least on how to downsize your scrap pile.

Have fun and happy crafting!

Fiona 🙂 x