Spooky Halloween Embellishments


I found a pile of Halloween paper scraps in my stash the other day so I decided to tackle them once and for all.  I’d been saving even the teensiest tiny pieces and, rather than throw them into the paper recycling bin, I thought I’d make some ‘Spooky’ embellishments 🙂

These are so easy to make, and a little addictive too if I’m being honest!  (look out for my Christmas version coming soon hahaha!!.  You don’t need a die cutting machine or paper punches for my version, but go ahead and use those if you prefer a perfect circle.

Anyway, back to the project in hand!! Grab yourself the following items:

h1.jpg h3.jpg

  • Paper scraps ( I also used vintage paper scraps)
  • Buttons
  • Needle and thread (or glue gun if preferred)
  • Scissors
  • Trims (not essential)
  • Letter stickers (not essential)
  • Any other bits & bobs you think will add to your overall design
  • Sewing machine (optional)

First thing to do is create some squares and rectangles by neatening up your scraps.  They do not need to be perfect, just a rough squarish shape will be just fine.  The biggest piece I cut was approx 2.75 inch squared, the smallest was about 1 inch squared.  Just work with what you have…..there is no right or wrong when creating these, everything and anything goes!! (my kinda crafting 🙂 )

Cut up your trim into smaller pieces if you’re using them.


Now cut out your circles.  I do this by snipping about 1/8 inch into the square and then rotate the paper close to the edge as I cut.  Your circle won’t be perfect but then handmade is always better when it’s perfectly imperfect!!   Cut out a few rectangles / banners too.


All that’s left to do now is to decide on how you want to layer your embellishments and sew sew sew!! (or glue if you’re using that instead).  I played about with the shapes until I got the colour / pattern combo that worked best for me.  I  then machine sewed a few and used a needle and thread for others.    This is all about having fun…unleash your inner witch and create spellbinding embellishments!!




Use your new Spooky embellishments to adorn tags, scrapbook pages, planner pockets, cards……whatever and wherever takes your fancy!!





Fabric Scrap Flower Tags

New Tutorial

How sweet are these tags?!!  With such pretty colours and fun fabrics, what’s not to love about them??  You can make your own in a few easy steps.

You will need:


Fabric  Scraps (you will need pieces at least 10 inches long to make the flower bases)




Pin (if you want to hold things together rather than use your fingers)

Sewing machine

Step 1

If you don’t already have fabric strips available in your scrap basket, then cut pieces at least 10 inches long x 1 inch wide.  The wider your fabric, the bigger the flower.

My strips in the photo came straight out a fabric scrap bag I bought online.  As you can see, they are wonky and vary in width.  They don’t have to be perfect, just long enough to make the base!


Step 2

Put right sides together and sew along the small open edge.  I like to back stitch at the beginning and end of each one.



Step 3

Grab your needle and thread as we’re going to sew the base 🙂  Keep your fabric right sides together and secure a stitch or two near the machine sewn edge.  Now sew a running stitch all the way around and bring your needle back out around where you started.  My stitches were about 1 inch in length and about 1 inch apart, they don’t have to be perfect, no-one is going to see them.



Step 4

Pull carefully on the thread, the fabric will gather and your flower will start to take shape.  Sew a few stitches through some of the pleats just to hold them in place.


 Step 5

Cut out  2 or 3 various sized circles and place them on top of the flower.  If you need to, secure with the pin if you want to hold things together for the sewing machine.  Place your flower on the tag ( I like to put mine on the left hand side but you can put them anywhere) and carefully start sewing around the inner circle 2 or 3 times.


And that is you!! All done and ready to impress with new pretty tags!!

Until next time,

Fiona x






Fabric Scrap Flower Headband

Copy of New Tutorial.png

I decided to tackle my overflowing fabric scrap basket (yeah, ok, BASKETS!!!) and thought I’d make my daughter a pretty headband.  This also served as a moment of inspiration for new possible items I could make for Peony Rose Handmade!




What You’ll Need:


Fabric  scraps



Glue – hot glue is best

Sewing machine – or you could hand sew them just as nicely 🙂


Step 1 

IMG_5106Cut varying sizes of fabric circles and layer them with a few felt circles.  You will need to put at least one felt circle at the bottom to help give your pretty flower some structure.  I decided to put of all my felt layers at the bottom but you could layer them anyway you want 🙂



Step 2


Now it’s time to make some leaves or if you don’t want to add them, then skip this bit.  I prefer to cut my leaf shapes from the fabric first and add them to a bigger piece of felt.  This makes for easier sewing with the sewing machine.  Once you’ve sewn the fabric pieces onto the felt, trim around the shape carefully, leaving a border to help the fabric ‘pop’.


Step 3

IMG_5112Time to  sew the leaves to the flower.  Place your leaves in the desired position under your flower and transfer it to the sewing machine.  Carefully place the needle on top of the bottom layer but UNDER all of the other layers.  Slowly sew around the flower 2 or 3 times to make sure everything is secure.  You can of course sew on top of the other layers, but this was my preference at the time.


Step 4


Almost there!  Time to glue the flower to your headband.  First, cut a circle of felt that is slightly smaller than the flower.  This will conceal your glue and make it comfortable for wearing.

Decide the final position of the flower and attach it using a small strip of glue on the RIGHT side of the actual headband (ie the side of the headband that faces upwards).  Now flip it over and glue on EITHER side of the headband and attach your felt circle.

Congratulations!!  You’ve just made a pretty (awesome!!) flower headband!!




Blooming Lovely – Paper Scrap Flowers

PicMonkey Image.jpgAren’t these so sweet!  Who wouldn’t delight in receiving one as a Thank You or ‘Just Because’ card? They are fun and so easy to make (perhaps a little addictive I might add) and kids would enjoy making them too.

For me, the beauty of these flowers is that they are perfectly imperfect, with their wonky sizes and shapes, they are pretty much everything I love about handmade!!

You will need:

Paper scraps – any colours, textures you want


Glue – I use Tombow


6 x 4 pieces of card (blank on one side) if you plan to use them for cards.  You could also use them on tags!

Got everything? Great! Then let’s get started:


STEP 1 – Creating the leaves

Top Tip: use various colours & patterns for each pair of leaves, it gives you a fun & funky look!

  • Look out green papers from your scrap pile, these will become your leaves.
  • Cut them into approx 1.5″ x 2″ pieces (or smaller/bigger/fatter/thinner depending on the look you want to achieve)
  • Starting from one of the bottom corners, cut upwards in a gentle curve to the opposite corner at the top. Turn and repeat.
  • Set aside for later


STEP 2 – Creating the flowers

This is where the fun really begins!!  You can be as creative as you like here and add as many layers as you want.

Top Tip: cut out as many flowers as you need BEFORE gluing, it’s much quicker than making one flower at a time.

  • Start off by cutting your smallest circle first. Mine are usually approx 1″ in diameter but anything goes here.  No need for it to be a perfect circle.
  • Now sit that on top of the paper you want to use as the next layer. Using it as a guide, carefully trim around leaving a border.  Again, you can do what you like here, fat border or skinny border, it doesn’t matter.
  • Repeat this until you have achieved the layering or size of flower you want. My flowers usually work out at a finished size of approx 2.5″
  • Keep making the flowers like this until you have as many as you want to make.
  • When you are ready to glue the layers together, start by adding a tiny amount of glue to the TOP of the bottom layer, add the next layer and repeat until all layers have been added.


STEP 3 – Adding the leaves to your pretty flowers

Top Tip: Use a pencil to mark a guide whereabouts  the leaves will be hidden under the flower. Glue BELOW this line just to make sure no glue spills over to the front of the flower.

  • Start by selecting 2 leaves – I like to use 2 different styles but anything goes.
  • BEFORE you glue anything, position where you would like the leaves to be.  I like to overlap mine as shown in the photo.
  • Once you are happy with the look, carefully turn everything over, face down.
  • Lift up your leaves and apply a small amount of glue to base of the flower to where the first leaf will be attached.
  • Attach first leaf, add a spot more glue to the back of it, and attach the second one.


STEP 4 – Adding your pretty flowers to cards

If you are using them for cards, then simply fold over your 6 x 4 pieces of card and attach your flower with glue.

Well done!! Give yourself a pat on the back, you have just created unique & individual pretty paper flowers.  Now go and show them off!

Until next time

Fiona x